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Zoroastrian gathering at “Pirsabz” shrine

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Zoroastrian gathering at “Pirsabz” shrine Probably you know the original main religion in Iran, Is Zoroastrian. After Islam attack , followers of this religion get decrease. Nowadays the main sattelment of this Groups in Iran is “Yazd”. If you had Trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies or individulity, visited This amazing city. You know several Iran attractive places are located in this historical city such as “ Amir chkhmagh “ “fire temple where is holy place for zartostians”, “ Chak Chak” and …. Our today post is about Gatherings of Zoroastrians, be with us. “ Chak Chak “ is one of the important shrines of Zoroastrians. This shrine, which Zoroastrians call it the old town, are located in Yazd province and the city of Ardakan in the mountains of “ Ardakan “and “ Anjireh “The Great Zoroastrian gatherings were held on Thursday, June 25th, at the Old Testament Shrine (Chak Chak). Zoroastrians come together from different cities of the country, and in some other countries, from 24 to 26 June, at the site of the shrine, located 43 kilometers east of “Ardakan“, Yazd province.At this ritual ceremony, the Zoroastrians are firstly at the site of the shrine by lighting candles and flares and fires to worship a unique and unique Lord Then they meet and talk in outdoor of this shrine. The Zoroastrian women and men, according to their tradition, cover the door of the shrine at the entrance of the shrine and spread the nourishment of sweet and savory types between their peers. On the other day of the year, the “Czech Czech” or the shrine of Persia will host a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists, but during the days of the ceremony this place is dedicated specifically to Zoroastrians.This place is known place between Iran travel agencies. If you want to Trip to Iran, we suggest to additional Of Iran attractive places, visit this amazing place too.