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Historical Great wall, A reason For Trip to Iran

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Do you Know the name of one of the valuable Iran attractive places is “ Great wall ”? this Historical wall has archaism more than Great wall in China. If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna more about Iran attractive places stay tuned with us The Great Wall of Alexander or the Red Wall, also called Old Snakes, is also called the Red Snake. This place less introduce with Iran travel agencies Is located In North Of Iran. It is a historic wall that started off the Caspian Sea in the “Gomishan” area and continued to the “ Gileadh “ Mountains in the northeast of ” Kalaleh ”.Almost all of this wall has already been destroyed, and only a small fraction of it remains buried beneath the ground.The historic wall of Gorgan after the wall of China (6,000 km long) is the world’s largest defense wall. This huge historic wall, 200 km long, has been nationalized on July 29, 1999.The photo was first recorded by American archaeologist “ Eric Schmidt “.Mr. Smith, an American archaeologist who photographed from Iran’s ancient archaeological sites in 1315 and 1316, saw a red-haired wall in the Gorgan region extending from the Caspian Sea towards the Gileadh Mountains.This amazing structure is realted to “ Sasanid “ era. This wall 1000 years is older than great wall of china and this shows us being importance of this monument. This wall is also the longest Iranian monument that has been built for 90 years. According to estimates, 30,000 soldiers could be stationed along the wall. Archaeologists, by sampling and testing the ashes and charcoal left in the brick-making furnaces, showed that the wall dates back to the fifth and sixth centuries AD.You can keep in touch with us for receive any information about Trip to Iran or Iran travel agencies