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Trip to Iran for visit Amazing “ Marmar place

4.5 out of 5

“ Marmar “ ( Marmar means to places where has built from marble stones ) palace is one of the Iran attractive places. This palace is belongs to “ Pahlavi “ era and is located in heart of Tehran. Recently this place change to one of the destination for Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran, Stay tuned with us for more introducing this palace. Its building area is 2870 square meters and is built on an area of 35462 square meters.The marble palace was built on the orders of “ King Reza “ and with the architecture of “ Leon Toddian “.The building was originally owned by the Qajar princes, including the kings of dynasty. The palace became a museum in 1355, and until 1977, under the name of Pahlavi Museum, it was open to everyone. The palace was originally used as the “ Reza shah’s work place, and before the national treasury law was drafted, national jewels from Golestan Palace were transferred to the palace and kept in underground.With the assassination to the King in the courtyard of the palace, the King’s special office was transferred to the Sahebqaraniyeh Palace, which became the museum in 1355 and was viewed by the public until the year 57 as “Pahlavi Museum”. Among the items exhibited in this museum was the officer’s uniform and the king’s bullet hat in the terror incident of March of 1945.The dome is based on the dome of “ Sheikh Lotfollah “ Mosque in Isfahan, which has been tiled by “ Hossein Lorzadeh “.“ Behrooz Ahmadi “, an Iranian architect, was the designer of the 5th floor of the gravestone and in the rocks of the marble palace, now known as the Quran Museum. If you want to know more about Iran attractive places, visit blog section on our website and also if you want to Trip to Iran or know about valiedation of Iran travel agencies, keep in touch with our experts.