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Waana visit oldest handmade artwork? Trip to Iran

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If you had Trip to Iran, probably know Iran has many Historical caves where many of them are main destination For Iran Travel agencies. We talked about many of these caves such as “ Mahi koor “ cave and today we are going to describe another one historical caves where is one of the known Iran attractive places.The oldest man-made artwork, dating back to 40,000 years ago, has been discovered in Lorestan province and 25 kilometers southwest of ” Khorramabad ” in the cave,in the name of “ Yafteh ”. For many years, many have argued that the oldest man-made artwork is in the “Altamiria” Cave in Spain, or in the Corsica and Velasco caves in France. The walls and ceilings of Altamiria and Velasco caves have been painted pictures of animals that have ever been recognized as the oldest man-made art in the world. However, the earliest date ever attributed to the works of these caves was 32,000 years ago.But the researches of historians shows us oldest handmade artwork is belongs to West of Iran where is one the oldest Habitation in the world.This cave is located 25 km southwest of Khorramabad on the road of Kohdasht, in a locality called “Soleizheh” on the ” Yafteh” mountain range, and its surface and its interior space are limited. The cave was explored for the first time in 1965 by an American archaeologist “ Frank Holl “.Due to the fact that more than two meters of archeological deposits of late ice age (including the cultural remains of the New Paleolithic period), the cave is of great importance in the study of early culture of the Middle East and Europe. According to “ Yale “ University’s sensor testing, the tools derived from this cave belonged to about 40,000 to 28,000 years ago. The cave “finds” more than two meters of archeological deposits of late ice age (New Paleolithic Period) If you want to Trip to Iran or wanna more about Iran attractive places follow us on blog section and also if you want to hold Iran tour by one of the Iran travel agencies can keep in touch with our perfect experts.