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“ Haft tapeh “ ( Seven hills ) is name of one of the historical Iran attractive places where is located in west south of Iran, in “ Khoozestan “ province, near of “ Shush” historical site. This place because of its ancient archaism have been popular place between Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran. this ancient place is located exactly 15 K.m from east south of “ Susa” And a collection of ancient hills that probably have the “ Ticani” or “Ka’bnak” township of the “Ilam” civilization. The vastness of this ancient site has attracted the attention of various explorers thatAccording to the theories of this city as an important political center during the rule of ” Elamites ” and the kingdom of “Tappiehir” in the fifteenth century BC. After its destruction, the city of Shush has become the center of power, although there is still no solid evidence to prove it. The first drilling operation under the supervision of “ Dr Ezatollah Sybandan “ in 1964 began in this area, which continued until 1979.The researchers of Robert McC Adams’ work in the area showed that this extensive ancient site was only in limited residential space. The area of ​​the area is about 1.5 square kilometers and consists of 14 hills.In the following years, during the construction of the “Haftepeh” Sugarcane Company, a part of a brick arches and brick wall was revealed. And immediately it was chosen as the starting point by the Archaeological Drilling Board and with the creation of 10 × 10 drilling rigs, the process continued southward, with a total of about 150 trenches. In the tomb in the area, a large platform was created, divided into three sections by short walled walls. In the northern part there are seven skeletons, the middle part, smaller than the other two, has no skeletons, and the south section has two or three skeletons. If you want to Trip to Iran,we suggest to visit historical Iran attractive places in this area and also you can keep in touch with us for accuration of Iran travel agencies too.