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Trip to Iran to visit wonderful Iran attractive places

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Our today post is about one of the wonderful Iran attractive places where is located in “ semnan “ province. Minaret of Semnan Jami Mosque is one of the historical monuments of Iran belonging to the Seljuk period, located in the northeast corner of the mosque. This place can motivate you to Trip to Iran because of its amazing spacifics. Unfortunatly this place less introduce by Iran travel agencies.The total height of the manor is 28.5 meters, of which it is 24.5 meters. It consists of a manhole to the end of the “ Mogharnas “ and a lower rule, and another 4 meters, including the lower part and the upper part. The lower part of the mandar to the bottom of the underlying inscription is almost cylindrical and henceforth down to below the mandarin malaria, gradually and in full proportion to its diameter decreases.The abandoned is located on two rows of Mogharnas. The map is octagonal. Around it, surrounded by beautiful fences, is surrounded by Safavid style nodes. A large octagonal ceiling with jagged edges prevents the penetration of rain into the gates and minarets. This point has been slightly curved from the right angle. The diameter of the mandrel in the lower part is 3.6 and its inner diameter is 2.9 meters. Spiral staircases flutter and climb on the opposite of the clockwise rotation around the axis of the manor brick. This minarate has two different inscription : one of them has written by “ Koofia “ language And another one has biography about builder. Its special features are brick decorations that have been executed in various geometric ways and with interesting and remarkable details. If you want to Trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies, we invite you to visit our historical packages on main page website and also for introducing Iran attractive places, you can visit blog sectionPlease follow us on social medias