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Trip to Iran for visit power loop

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The Golden Ring known as the Ring of Power “With more than 3000 years old, an archetype in “Behbahan”, one of the valuable objects of civilization, is the Elamite civilization in Iran. We invite you to Trip to Iran for visit another Iran attractive places and use Iran travel agencies For more safety ( I should say Iran is the safest country in the middle east, and probably you will have nor problem in Iran but Wisdom is ruled out For optimizaed Trip to Iran, its better to use Iran travel agencies )During excavation in “ Arjan Behbahan “, Within an ancient grave, a particular object was discovered along with other objects. This object was a golden ring that the name of the Elamite king, “Kidine Hutran”, was carved into “ Elamite “ carnage. The age of this ancient work is estimated to be 800 to 1200 BC. The weight of this ring is 237 grams of pure gold.In the fall of 1981, during the construction of a dam on the Maroun River in Arjan Behbahan, a tomb of Elamites was discovered. The tomb contained a large bronze coffin in the form of a bathtub, which was located at the bottom when it was discovered. The burial machines and equipment were buried both inside and outside the coffin. The objects was in the bronze coffin with the skeleton included: a golden ring, ninety-eight golden buttons, a dagger, a silver bar, tin bronze, a bronze earring, ten cylindrical containers, and a bronze tray with historical images. Which belonged to 800 BC. The site of this ancient grave is located in the city of Arjan, 9 km from the present city of Behbahan, in the province of Khuzestan and on the margin of the Maroun River, in the north of the ancient city of Arnjan.