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Yeri city is one of the historical Iran attractive places

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“ Shahre Yeri “ ( Yeri city ) is name of one of the historical Iran attractive places where is located in east north of Iran. The ancient area known as “ Shahre yeri “, 65 km from Ardabil and 31 km east of “ Meshgindasht “ city, is located along the river “ Qarshou “If you are interested in Trip to Iran and wanna more about Iran attractive places, we invite you to read today post.This place because of its nice climate, is nice destination for Iran travel agencies, specially in summer season.The area is 400 hectares. It is located 60 kilometers west of “Ardebil”, 7 kilometers northeast of “Lahrud”, one kilometer north of “Pirasmian” village, and is located along the river “Qarshou” and are formed in three partsmilitary fortress, Temple and Ghosha hills. The fortress and temple dating back to 1450 BC and Gushha Tappeh reaches 7,000 BC. For the first time around 10 years before the Islamic Revolution, the German archaeologist Charles Bernie began exploring the site. The site consists of 280 ancient archaeological sites estimated to be more than 8,000 years old dating back to the late Bronze Age, the Neolithic period, and the early and thematic copper.These rock elevators vary in height from 70 to 360 centimeters, which are mostly imprinted on human forms. The designs of the people carved on the rocks are in the form of people who are chested and usually without mouth, and only one engraved woman has been found to have mouth, and so far only seven pieces of this type of rock formations have been found in the Kurdish region of Turkey and one piece in Qupuzestan Azerbaijan has been found.If you are fan of historical tour, we invite you to Trip to Iran and if you want to use Iran travel agencies, we suggest to Consult with our experts