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Trip to Iran for visit historical Iran attractive places

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In the keepon yesterday post we wanna describe more about one of the Iran attractive places, in the name of “ Yeri shahr “. The place where this historical site is located, because of locating many of Iran attractive places is attention case for Iran travel agencies and also for whomever want to Trip to Iran. “ShahreYeri” is composed of three parts of the temple,” Qushatpay” and Peak, and the rocky faces of this site face erosion and destruction, and in April 2011, a whirlwind caused the destruction of part of the site. The archeological site of Shahriari was registered in the province’s cultural heritage in the 1999 in the national monuments list.The first explorations of the Iron Age graves were discovered that cause to being known place with the another historical Iran attractive places. Pottery of the Calcual period was discovered and estimated the region’s age up to 3500 years before the Iron Age and this subject cause to increase Trip to Iran specially For historians to this area. These pottery are similar to the clay of the ancient “Dalma” and “Haji Firuz” areas. Thus, for the first time, the human settlement in Ardebil province dates back to the copper – stones period. ome pottery was painted and some with a basket design. A number of double layer ceramics were also discovered in drilling, which is likely to be the second layer of pottery used to repair broken pieces of pottery.In the third chapter of the excavation, it became clear that the castle was burnt down and abandoned during the Urartuan period. The presence of ash in the layers of the castle soil indicates the fire of the castleThus, successive periods of human life have been sequenced from 7,000 years ago to the “Urartuan” era in Yeri.If you wanto use Iran travel agencies, can keep in touch with our experts for get any information.