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wanaa test delicious foods? Trip to Iran

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In the keep on yesterday we talk more about traditional exhibition that is purpose of food lovers whom interested in Trip to Iran and this delicious event cause to the place of holding, exchange to destination for Iran travel agencies . we talked in yesterday post about Iran attractive places in “ Golestan “ province. Iranian people nominate this area for escape from hot weather in summer neacuse of locating near of Caspian sea and also locating “Alborz “mounation range in the south cause to create beautiful often misty forest.In the close future traditional food exhibition will hold and it can be interesting for who want to Trip to Iran. The other province participating in this festival is Qazvin Province, with three main dishes of Nisar, Syrin Plow, Ice Cream, Soup Dessert, Ghazvin, Asam Imam, Dammaj, Baklava Desserts, Drinking, Drinking and Drinking Syrup, Tail Nukh Kakotti, Chehelag’s tail will be present in Golestan province. The holding of such festivals will provide a suitable place for tourism development and cause to introduce more Iran attractive places and Burgeon of Iran travel agencies. . The area is known for its food, and tourists remember a journey with memories from the areas and foods of that province; therefore, food has an undeniable effect on the growth of tourism. The festival of Iranian foods, the tourism culture for the first time in Golestan province hosted by the city of “ Gorgan “ ( center of Golestan province we talked about this city in the past posts) , with the participation of artists from four northern provinces of Iran including “ Golestan” , “ Mazandaran “, “Gilan “ and “ Qazvin “, with the bake of traditional Persian and traditional cuisine from 11 to 13 August 1396 for