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“ Shah abasi vault “ is name of one of the Iran attractive places where is located in “ Yazd “ province. If you want to Trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies or indivuality or also You want to know more about Iran attractive places, stay tuned with us and read today post. “ shah abasi vault “ is one of the historical structures of yazd province that is located in “ Tabas” city. The monument, which is perhaps the most spectacular historical monument of Tabas, is one of the unforgettable attractions of Yazd province, which has several recurrent nicknames. This place has many interesting points that cause to being known between Iran travel agencies. This dam has 60 meters height and is The world’s largest arc dam and it have been biggest dam in the world for 550 years. Other wonderful point about this ancient dam and is The world’s thinnest dam, known for its one meter crown width. If you want to trip to Iran and wanna visit To see the Shah Abbasi vault which is also known as the Shah Abbasi dam, you should visit the “ Kharoo “700-year-old village and travel 27 km from Tabas city. Dam located near of “ Abali “ spring source. Above this spring, there is a narrow valley in which was built the vault of Shah Abbasi. The dating of this arch is attributed to the Safavid period, and believe that the mountain goosebone carved on it is a symbol of the demand for water abundance, generosity and abundance of blessings. Some also call these goats a symbol of angels praying for the sake of water, increasing the amount of blessing on the walls of the vault. The vault in the lower part consists of a vaulted brick, which is located on the rocky mountains of the two sides of the river, and the height of the arch is below its hill, 17 meters and a height of 30 meters. This arched is the oldest part, which is two parts in terms of time Its creation is especially visible from the back of the carvings. If you want to Trip to Iran Keep in touch with us for more information