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This palace is one of the hi9storical Iran attractive places that is belongs to “ Ashkanian “ period ( 1700-1800 years ago ). Ardeshir Babakan Palace During the Ardavan 5th era, the last king of the Parthians was made by Ardeshir Babakan, founder of the Sassanid Dynasty in the 3rd century AD. This palace is located in “ Firooz abad “ ( this area because of its ancient archaism, is one of the destination of Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran. Ardeshir Palace is considered to be the most important and most impressive historical site of Firoozabad, which is located 2 km from “Firuzabad” city of “Fars” province.This palace has many mysterious corridor, and after 1800 years the gilding of the upper part of its inner walls remains intact. In the east of palace exist four dome form building. If you had Trip to Iran and visit “ Dautgher castle “ you find this place is similar to m” dautgher castler “. A part of the tip of the roof of the dome is open in a circle of 1 meter in diameter. On the northern side outside of the palace wall, A spring with clear water also dug out of the heart and a natural pool has appeared in front of this spring.The river passes through the eastern wall of the palace, which has been the basis for the development of the city of “ Gor “ and the “ Sasanian ” palace. In this mansion, there are pillars of quadrilateral and half-stones of carnation, similar to those found in the monuments during the rule of the” Parthians “ period.if you want to visit this place, you can want to your Iran travel agencies for fit and visit another Iran attractive places in this area.