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Trip to Iran for visit ferdosi tomb

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The post is about one of the most popular poets between Iranian people who cause to Perisan language being alive specially after Arab attack to Iran that all Iranian factors such as language, pure Iranian culture and Iranian custom and … faced to vengeance. If you had , you well know perisan language that is belongs to Iran and is one of the oldest and ancient language in Iran and v” Sheykh Abolghasem Ferdosi “ is head of epic poet as well as after several centuries his tomb place is one of the main destination of Iran travel agencies and considered as one of the popular Iran attractive places.“ Ferdosi “ tomb is consist of cultural garden complex and is located in 25 K.M from “ Mashahd “ city between “ eslamea “ village and “ toos “ village. “ paj “ village where is one of the Iran attractive places is burn place of “ Sheykhg “. Narrative is people because of his manner and his religion didn’t allow to buried him in the tombstone, Inevitably he burialed in his prsonal Garden. His old tomb grave was built from a simple dome after that in different period time of history redestruction and rebuild again and again. After the First World War, with the rise of national passion and sentiment in Iran, to be mentioned need to Appreciate from sheykh and new tomb place that really he deserve to suit tomb place. If you and wanna more know about Iran travel agenciesand its accuration, you can keep in touch with our experts and also with like and join us on social medias and introduce us to your friends for twice chance Free Trip to Iran