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Trip to Iran for introducing with Iranian poets

4.5 out of 5

Yesterday we talked about tomb place of known poet, stay tuned with us for more introducing with this destination of Iran travel agencies and also Trip to Iran of Iran culture lovers. In the new appearance of this place you can visit best poems of his that has craved perfectly. “ Shahnamwe is one of the five epica stories in the world another epica story are “ Odise and Ilia of Hoomer that belongs to Greece or “mahabaharta “ epica that belongs to india and … “ Shahnameh “ is pure Iranian epica story that has poeted by “ Ferdosi “ more than 1000 years ago anad we suggest frequently read this amazing book that has translated in different language and can be good reason to Trip to Iran for introducing closely with Iranian culture and another Iran attractive places. )“ Abolghasem Ferdosi “ is known Iranian poet and his tomb is located in “ Toos “ city, in “ Khorasan “ province. This structure has built in order to “ Hooshang seyhoon “ with amazing decoration and also elegance arches. Another his Colleague were “ Hosein Hajarbashi “ and “ Taghi Doroodian “ helped and consulated him.The current building of the tomb was opened in 1313 alongside the Ferdowsi Millennium rituals. A tomb built in the form of the monuments of Persepolis and the tomb of Cyrus in Pasargad. This beautiful monument is located in three various parts which first part is its middle part and its made of marble stone (similar to tomb stone . the second part is square form shape Hall and into that you can visit elegance tiling ( this tiling are interested of art lovers and annual many of tourists come to Iran for photography From this place and another Iran attractive places) and third part is step from shape where a main room is located above it) For know about accuracy of Iran travel agencies you can keep in touch with us on our website or social medias