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Today post is about “ Kalpoorgan “ village where is located in “ Sistan and Baloochestan “ province (this province because of locating Msrch mountains and also pinky lpar lake as the natural Iran attractive places and also Burn city, this area is known between Iran travel agencies and specially between whomever interested in Trip to Iran ) and has nominated recently as the “ First handicraft village “ in the world. Various candidates from the country were introduced as the village and the world of handicrafts, among which, the “KalPorgan” pottery was selected for registration in the global list.From around the world, the people of this village were ordered to make pottery.Therefore, if approved by the World Council of Handicrafts, the village of Kalpourgan will be registered as the third places of Sistan-Baluchistan after the “ Burn City “ and “ Loot desert “.“ Kalpprkan “ is village near of Pakestan border and has 390 K.M distance,from center of province. ‘s pottery can not be found anywhere in the world, because in the making of this pottery, there is no wheel used and the method of making it from thousands of years ago has not changed. The roles and reliefs has inspired from ancient paints and completely geometric reminiscent of ancient art of this area. Ceramic embellishments are abstract symbols that have been transferred from generation to another generation. You can keep in touch with us for accuration about Iran travel agencies.