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Holiday of the Sa’d Abad Green Palace

4.5 out of 5

“ Tehran “ as the capital of Iran, has located many of Iran attractive places into its hear that it is consist of museums, Gardens, palaces and new monuments such as “ Azadi tower ” or “ nature bridge “ and where are First destination for Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran. our today post is about one these Iran attractive places that we described there in the past in the name of “the Sa’d Abad Green Palace” today we bring fresh new about this palace. iF you want to Trip to Iran or wanna know more about Iran travel agencies, stay tuned with us.Sa’ad Abad Green Palace, one of its few palaces, has been shut down since the first day of August this year due to its renovation and restoration, and it is unclear what time it is opened. “ Green palace “ is one of the most important Palaces of “ Saadabad “ complex where is located in North of Tehran, in “Niavaran” street. According to manger of palace, In the reconstruction of this palace, stairs, doors and windows are to be repaire. This work is carried out under the supervision of Sadabad Conservation and Architecture and by the professors of the field so that no problems can be encountered. After the palace closes, the work of moving objects inside it is continued and then the reconstruction of the palace begins immediately. The project began after detection of damage to the palace, with only experienced masters of wooden arts. Damage to this valuable building has been due to various reasons such as air pollution, moisture and damage to the colored layers, and the project is intended to have the entire building cleaned up and to be restored and strengthened. please introduce us to your friends