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Railian tourism Tehran to Savadkooh

4.5 out of 5

With the cooperation of Parsayad Company, the Railways Company, for the first time in the country with the aim of discovering the beauty of the railways of Iran, while defining tourist stations for the national railway line, invites visitors to visit this attraction by the train of tourism. This is good chance for whomever interested in Trip to Iran and want to know more about Iran attractive places by Iran travel agencies. The present letter titled “Gold Line” includes the route from Tehran to the White Bridge. One of the hallmark of the railroad train is to stop at tourist stations where conventional trains do not stop.The starting point for the tourist train program is at 6:30 pm at the Tehran station. After breakfast, we will arrive at the ferry plain of “ Varamin “ in the tourist train, and with its passing, we will see some effects from the margin of the desert near “ Garmsar “.After “ Garmsar “ heading north, next to “ Hablehrood “ river and a little later we will arrive at the first station of our visit. the natural Iran attractive places are exist on the your way and you will enjoy and get released from all city chains for while. These amazing natural views are consist of “ Kabootar dareh “, “ Simin Dasht “ and “ Zarin dasht “.As it approaches the northern mountains, we close to interesting section of story where is one of the natural points of Iran travel agencies. We will take a train in “ Shoorab “ village, in addition to watching an extraordinary combination of industry and nature, to hear about the construction of the North Railroad and the problems ahead of it. We will talk more about in future post. Please introduce us to whomever want to Trip to Iran.