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visit best museum of the world, reason for Trip to Iran

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IF you interested in Trip to Iran and know well about Iran attractive places, you will know well Iran is wonders land, is land of palaces ancient gardens, inscriptions, Forts and castles, mosques and … Our today post is about one of these Iran attractive places where is main destination oF Iran travel agencies and our suggestion For you is, if you want to Trip to Iran and “ Shiraz” is on Your plan and use from one of the Iran travel agencies want them to fit visit “ Pars museum “ on Your Travel plan. The main advantage of this museum is locating surrounding of another historical places in the heart of lovely “ Shiraz “ and this is Great Score For tourists who want to visit historical places in the least time.The Pars Museum was founded in 1930 in the Shiraz Farmstead Mansion, which is located in the beautiful garden. This valuable museum is located in middle of “ vakil Bazaar“ and “ Arge Karim khan “ complex, near of tomb of “ Karim Khane zand “.In the Pars Museum, objects are kept from before and after Islam. We van divide these Objects in three Groups “ pre history “, “ Historical era “ and objects belongs to “ islamic era “.The Crowley Mansion of this museum during the “ Karim Khan Zand “ era has been the venue for guests and foreign ambassadors and various official ceremonies and festivities. According to the will of “ Kareem Khan Zand “, he buried his body in the eastern shahin of the building and called it a “ Vakil shrine “.Among the works in this museum are pottery, bronze, linear books, paintings and lacquer works related to different periods.