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Pars museum

4.5 out of 5

In the keep on yesterday post we are going to one of the Shiraz and Iran attractive places in the name of “ Pars museum ” where has saved many of valuable historical object and many of Iran traveler who wanna Trip to Iran, this place can be good place for visit, introduce more with this destination of Iran travel agencies with “ GAPA TOUR ”. we talk more about several valuable of this museum: “ Exquisite Linear Qurans “One of them is on the line of Imam Ali (AS) and has been given to the shrine of “ Shahe Cheragh “( more than 1000 years ago ) . another valubale quran is related to “ Tash Khatoon “ queen that presented that to “ Shahe Cheragh “ about 700 years ago. Also, the Quran, known as the Seventeen Men of the Gate of the Qur’an, is also seen on the line of “Sultan Ibrahim”, the grandson of “Shahrokh Teimuri”. A number of historical Qurans; in line with Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (as), Imam Hasan (as), Imam Sadiq (as), and some of the Companions of the Prophet and his followers who were formerly kept in the “ Aqiq mosque “ of Shiraz, seen able in the Museum for public. One of these Qurans is the third Uthman Caliph’s line, which has been poured over several drops of blood upon his murder. The Qur’an is one of the Qur’an which was placed at the gate of the Quran in the sixth century.Containers for pre-Islamic periods “Seljuk” and “ Safavid “, and also Karim Khan Zand’s personal sword that has written two poet lines If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna know more about accuration Of another Iran travel agencies van keep in touch with our experts and also for introduction with another Ioran attractive places can visit Blog section on our website. We will talk more about another aspects of museum.