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The Versailles Palace of Iran was nationalized

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“ Tehran “ as the capital of Iran is most important Destination of Iran travel agencies. This city additional of economic placement, has important place in terms of Tourism, If you ask about Tehran from whomever had Trip to Tehran and has been visited from Tehran, probably they answer they know Tehran by hospitality of people and locating many oF Iran attractive places that some times are main reason of Trip to Iran consist Of museum such as Art museum, ancient museum, national museum, coin museum, carpet museum and …Palaces such as saadabad complex palace in “ Niavran “, “Golestan ” palace and “ versai” ( Sabat pasal ) where is our toady subject. The “ sabat pasal “was registered as a valuable monument in the national monuments listThe “ Sabat pasal ” is also known as the “Palace of Versailles” or “Stone Palace”, This building is located as the largest house in Tehran at the northern end of “ Jordan “ Street in the “ Elahiea “ district of Tehran. Its architecture is based on the architectural pattern of the Palace of the Pyatigorivo (Little Terniroy) in Versailles. This house belongs to the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi era with an area of ​​over 11,543 square meters.This house was the most expensive and largest house in Tehran before the revolution. The value at that time was estimated at 15 million $ about 40 years ago. Before the revolution, this magnificent mansion was called the “stone palace”. This mansion has a large pool and a water stream that goes like a traditional Iranian architecture from below the house.A small open-air theater is considered part of the garden. The main facade of the mansion has an unmistakably similar look to the White House facade, one of the most famous neoclassical monuments.For more introduction with Iran attractive places and Iran travel agencies and also if you want to Trip to Iran keep in touch with us