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Make weekly flights from Isfahan to Moscow and St. Petersburg

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The International Airport of “ Shahid Beheshti “, Isfahan, announced the launch of the airport’s flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg from major Russian cities, this shows Welcomed Russian passengers to Trip to Iran and helps to increase more Iran attractive places and also Iran Travel agencies. Hours of departure from Isfahan airport are 9 and 30 minutes in the morning and their arrival is announced on the 20th day of Friday.According to the public relations of the Isfahan “ Shahid Beheshti “ International Airport, these flights will be operated by the Zagros Airlines and the Airbus 320 with a capacity of 180 passengers. The flights of the Zagros Airlines from Shahid Beheshti International Airport to Isfahan will be scheduled for Russia on a weekly route, on the Moscow-Isfahan route, and on the other hand, a week on the route to Isfahan-St. Petersburg and vice versa. “ Shahid Beheshti International Airport “ is located in east of Isfahan and has tow bands with 4397 meters length and about 45 meters width, with 10 seats for accepting all types of passenger aircraft and domestic and foreign air terminal. The reason of nominate “ Isfahan “ is -Selection this city as the one of the known and most popular cites in the world – this city is one of the important economic center in the Tehran and middle east- locating several of main historical Iran attractive places in this city that cause to nominate this place as the one of the main destination of Iran travel agencies We hope to make more connect airlines for more easily travel as soon as we expect. “ Isfahan : has nice climate and is suitable for most seasons.If you want to Trip to Iran, should to stay For many nights For visit all historical places