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Boroojerdi ha home

4.5 out of 5

We are going to describe one of the amazing Iran attractive places where is located in “ kashan “ city. If you want to Trip to Iran, yOu should know more about Iran attractivce places that in this term Blog section can help you as well as we have daily post which van be good guidance For your Trip to Iran. “ Boroojerdi ha home “ is opne of the main destination of Iran travel agencies where because of its amazing architecturtre and specilay locating naear another “ Kashan “ historical places cause to be popular place For Iran travel agencies. This building is located in “ Sultan Mirahmd “ neighborhood and its belongs to” qajar “ era. This house, with a crescent-shaped winder, looks beautiful on the roof of the hall and pergola on one of the most beautiful Iranian architectural influences. Valuable paintings of this house were performed under the supervision of ” Seni’a Al-Molk “ the great painter of Iran, and “ Kamal al-Mulk’s “ uncle. The owner of house was He is famous for Boroujerdi for his many trips to ” Boroujerd “.The “ Borjerdia “ house is on two floors and in some places, like the southern part, with a three-story cradle. This house is a A symbol of traditional Iranian homes. Borujerdi’s house is built on an area of ​​approximately 700, 1 square meter and has an area of ​​3000 square meters and consists of two inner and outer courtyards Consists of two main and minor entrances, a vestibule, a hallway, a yard, a summery, a winter garden, a kitchen, an indoor courtyard around. We will describe more about this house.Please follow us on social medias