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Land of Golden Paradise on the path to development

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“ makoo “ is one of the cities where is located in “ East azarbaejan “ beacuswe of its nice climate and also locating several natural Iran attractive places is one of the popular places for Iran travel agencies. We suggest this place for whomever wanna Trip to Iran. Maku is geographically the largest free zone of Iran and the second-largest free-zone region after the Shanghai region of China. The Maku Free Zone is located in the northwesternmost geographical point of Iran, in the neighboring countries of Turkey and Armenia, and is one of the seven free zones of Iran. Free zones in Iran with ambitious and strategic goals such as improving the business environment in these areas by promoting transparency, introduce Iran attractive places, preventing and combating corruption and improving processes, striving to strengthen competitiveness, and fairly and fairly allocate opportunities to the public and implement the plan. Comprehensive development has been created in the east, west, north and south of Iran. Development of this area cause to Merchants wanna more Trip to Iran for trading with Iranian bussiness man. The creation of the Maku Free Zone, which is named as the youngest free zone of the country, has been approved by the Government Board with 5,000 square kilometers on August 24, 2010.The area is geographically including the city of Mako, Shout, Poldasht and Bazargan border town, and alone accounts for over 75% of the total area of ​​the country’s free zones. The region has 220,000 population. “ Gapa tour “operator of Holding professional tours invite you visit best world and Iran attractive can also keep in touch with us for any information about Iran travel agencies. Please follow us on social medias