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Trip to Iran for visit Shah nemat allah vali tomb(Part two)

4.5 out of 5

Be with “ Gapatour ” as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies in the keep on “ Shah nemat allah vali “ great mystic . “ Shah nemat allah “ complex tomb is one the Iran attractive places, where is located in “ Mahan “ city. If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna visit historical Iran attractive places in “ Kerman “, you can benefit from Your travel because this city surrounded by amazing desert , you can one night stay in desert and experience relaxing and lying down under night sky. You can observe straightly winking the stars and also use to pure oxygen. We suggest this item for whomever tired of city life and look for place for reach to inner peace. If you want to Trip to Iran and you are interested in items like this, visit our great professional packages on our website.Lets talk about today post The complex of “ shah nemat allah vali “ is consist of several historical structure belongs to different period times from ” Teymoorian “ till “ qajar “ era.Tomb A room with an arch dome adorned with plaster painted amazingly to complement its decorations from mosaic tiles to azure colors and turquoise and decorated its exterior with white and golden designs of slavic “ type of Iranian architecture “. The tombstone made of shining merble that has craved perfectly. Shah Abbasi booth This booth is belongs to” First Abas king “ and Its prominent features are its beautiful entrance that has made of craved metal. Mirdamad courtyard This part of the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali was built like a tomb in the Safavid period, but was restored and completed at the time of “ Nasir al-Din Shah” Atabaki courtyard This courtyard was created by Ali Asghar Khan Atabak, the Chancellor of Nasser-al-Din Shah, and with the funds donated by the court. Please follow us on social medias and you can keep in touch with us forget information about accuration of Iran travel agencies