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“ Hakim “ or “ Joorjir “ mosque

4.5 out of 5

“ Hakim “ or “ Joorjir “ mosque is one of the Iran attractive places where is located in “ Babol Dasht “ neighborhood At the end of the market. This mosque is one of the Iran attractive places where because of its architecture is one of destination of Iran travel agencies. This mosque was built in the course of “ Shah Abbas “ II by his physician, Hakim Mohammad Daoud, at the site of the ruins of the Grand Mosque of “ Dilami Jorgeir ” or the mosque of Sahib “ Ismail ibn EbaD ”. Each porch has unique paint, tiling and decoration and each corridor of these porches also has a special decoration of the masonry and tiling works. The beauty of each of the porches of this mosque does not fit in the description. “ Hakim “ mosque is nice object for photography and this is one of the reason that has nominated by Iran travel agencies and whomever wanna Trip to Iran. The overall ornaments of the porches can be named in various types of formalities, a simple pink knot with turquoise tiles, eight knots and pink wings, lilies, bells, candles and half candles, and a quarter of candles, a seven-tone tile And their floor was plated with bricks with a 25-in-25-25-yard bronze brick and a chess piece of crimson and white tile, and they looked from the floor to the ceiling. The south porch is one of the most beautiful porches of the wise mosque. The roof of the Hakim mosque is one of the great examples of mosques in Isfahan It is a square form shape with three entrances on the east, south and west sides. This nest includes beautiful tiles of seven-tile colors with the role of flowers and bushes, turquoise tiles with the role of a drum, Slavic designs with tile and so on, which also includes a white third line on the field of azure in the date of 1069 by “ Mohammad Reza Emami “. For more information about Iran attractive places, visit blog section on our website