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Trip to Iran for visit closely best Iran attractive places

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Yesterday we talked about one of the amazing Iran attractive places in the name of “ Hakim”mosque. This mosque is one of the most amazing beautiful mosques in Iran even in the world and also is one of the interested places For whomever has Trip to Iran and Lovely “ Isfahan” is on their schedule travel plan .“ Gapa Tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies, has many schemes for your Trip to Iran that certainly can ingratiate you. We invite you to read today post. In Hakim Mosque there are three sanctuaries. The main sanctuary with beautiful stroganes and verses from Sura al-Mobarakeh has been written in 1531 AD and is located below the dome. This altar is the most beautiful altar of Hakim Mosque and is one of the reasons that cause to known this place as the one of the Iran attractive places . The second altar, which is located on the eastern shrine of the mosque, has been dedicated to “ Salavat’s “ fourteen infallibles (a) and is in 1529 A.D. Eventually the third altar is located on the western shore and contains verses from the surah of “ Maedeh “ in 1532 A.D and on the line of “ Muhammad Baqir Sharif Shirazi “.A large pin is located next to the altar below the dome, which is very old, about 200 years old, and roles with red and white oil on its black body and smaller pin that is located A little bit later. There is a stumbling block in the northwest of the Hakim mosque, which has been featured on its inscription with a prominent lyric poem.