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Trip to Ieran for visit best natural Iran attractive places

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“ Lorestan “ is name of one of the most ancient provinces of Iran that is located in west of Iran. This area because of its Natural and historical Iran attractive places is one of the known destination Of Iran travel agencies and also whomever interested in Trip to Iran. One of the natural Iran attractive places in this province is its beautiful waterfalls . this province because of its amazing climate has most important Iran waterfalls. If you are fan of natural and historical places we suggest visit “ Lorestan “. Be with “ Gapa tour”for more introducing Proper rainfall and topography of land in Lorestan province have caused more than 50 cascades formation. It is better for the audience to be close to the observer and viewer of these divine attractions before hearing the description of them. Ab sefid (white water) White water is located in the southeastern part of Lorestan province, on the slopes of the Zagros mountains and in the mountain ridge of Kuh Mountains in the “Beheshtar ezlahi” district of “Aligudarz”. Access to it is possible by road from the city of “Aligudarz”, The water from this tunnel emerges at the heart of a rocky mountain.the height of this eye-catching waterfall is about 70 meters. “ Nojian waterfall” This cascade is located 38 K.M from esat of khoramabad (center of Lorestan province)with height of 95 meter. This water fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and anually is host of internal and external tousrists. The “ Nojian park ” is located above of “ TAF ” mount. There is nice place for growing medical herbs ts beautiful nature and scenery are amazing and spectacular.If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna know about accuration Iran travel agencies, keep in touch with our experts