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traditional Refrigerator, ab reason for Trip to Iran

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The Refrigerator Of “ Hesr “ is one of the historical monuments of Tehran and one of the amazing Iran attractive places where is located in “Varamin” , in east south of Iran. In the past, the provision of cool water and ice has not been easy such as today, and people of that time provide ice and cool water in traditional way and that is traditional refrigerator or “ Yakh dan “. If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna know more about Iran attractive places, “ Gapa tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies invite you to read today postThis amazing structure islocated in “ hesare kuchak “ village, in 23 K.M From “ varamin “city. This refrigerator was built in the Qajar period with materials such as clay and mud and its belongs to “ Qajar “ era, reaches to more than 230 years ago. But now, it is Left unused, although, it is completely healthy. The entrance of the fridge of ” hesar “ in the north direction And has a crescent arch. The fridge in the western and eastern direction also has small valves that they could have thrown ice into the refrigerator through them. iF you have visited Our website, certainly You know The first destination On your Trip to Iran is “ Tehran “ as the capital. Tehran and Tehran province is one of the richest Provinces of Iran in terms of locating Historical monument and amazing palaces. If you want to visit this place or another places that you have introduced on blog section or our social medias, you can keep in touch with us for fit Your interested place on your plan and also You can contavt us for know more about accuration of Iran travel agencies