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amazing tiling of yazd msque, reason for Trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

If you are fan of historical places, we suggest Trip to Iran for visit Iran attractive places where are Scattered in different parts of Iran. If you had Trip to Iran By one of the Iran Travel agencies, probably yazd is one of the cites you have visited. This city is one of the richest cites of Iran in term of locating historical structures, one of this Iran attractive places is main mosque of Yazd where is located in Heart of this desert city.” Gapa tour “ invite you to read continue of today post.This amazing moaque with archaism more than 1000 years, has built in three different period of time. The main bases of the mosque belongs to “Sasaniand” period, The current construction of the mosque, in terms of architectural style, belongs to the two Azeri period and Dome Building belongs to “Ilkhani” House. This is one of the most elegance mosque in the world and has global reputation in terms of its gaint entrance, amazing tiling and decoration that is best place for photograpgy lovers. Another significant point in the building of Yazd Mosque is creating indirect light through the reflection of light from the white plaster domes and walls. The current mosque is built up of three mosques that have been built next to each other. These three have eventually turned into a massive mosque in “Qajar” period. The rectangularity of the mosque plan is derived from the Ka’ba architecture pattern.There is a completely holy and supreme building in Islam and is used as a cosmic symbol in Muslim architectural patterns. The present building of the mosque with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters including entrance and entrance hall, Wide courtyard, Patio side porches, Dome and its nesting grounds, The Great Shelter, The library is rich and beautiful decorations, inscriptions and stones of historical and non-historical materials.Please follow us on social medias and keep in touch with our experts for get information about Iran travel agencies.