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Shamse tabrizi

4.5 out of 5

tomb of “ Shamse tabrizi “ is one of the Iran attractive places where is located in “ east Azarbaejan “province, in “ Khoee” city where in believe in many of historians is tomb of “ Shmase tabrizi : great sufian and Persian poem who was master and chamberer of known Global poem “ molana” that his poet are light of someone who looking for inner peace and want to know more Anthropology. This tomb is not destination of Iran travel agencies and this place is interested case of shams lovers and annulay many of them have Trip to Iran, Are gathering in this place. One of Khooe’s symbols is “Shams Tabrizi “tomb. This building is located in the neighborhood of “Imamzadeh Seyed Behlol” in the northwest of “Khooe”. The outer surface of this minaret is decorated with horns of wild ram which Shah Ismail Safavi had hunted during his fortieth night in the mountain of “Chehel Khaneh” of “ Khooe “.The remaining miniature documents and photographs of Shams Tabrizi’s Tomb in Khoy city indicate that this building originally consisted of three minarets around Shams’s grave has destroyed natural reasons, which only one of them has remained now. “ Shams Tabrizi” Tower is 3.40 m in diameter and its area is 11 meters. Shams Tabrizi’s tomb has a 17 m high tower and Shams Shrine is located 10 m from the tomb built. This tomb has recently been identified by the experts in Tabriz after conducting historical studies and reviewing the credible documents and references, and will soon begin to rehabilitate and revive the shrine of Shams Tabrizi. “For receive any information about Iran attractive places and for Notified about Iran travel agencies and news about Trip to Iran contact us