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the tomb Of shams Tabrizi part two

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“ the tomb Of shams Tabrizi part two” Today we want to describe more about great mystic, Poem and great sufian tomb “ shames tabrizi “. His remarks, which he has spoken in different congresses, have been compiled by disciples, known as Shams Tabrizi’s Articles. If you are going to Trip to Iran“ Gapa tour “ invite you to read today post and also you can visit our website for introducing another Iran attractive places. The architectural style of the manor is very close to the “Seljuk” monuments, which is located in “ Bardsir “, “ Kerman “, and is known as the “Millennium” or “mile Ghavoodi “.In the case of archaeological study, the study of horns and skulls can be easily explained about the time and cause of its construction. The monolithic building is a cylindrical tower, and due to the lack of identification and studies, there has been no evidence of the existence of the remains of the building likely to have been made in relation to them (the shrine of Shams Tabrizi or the Palace of Shah Isma’il I). The spiral staircase from the entrance to the minaret, located at the bottom of it, leads to the end of the canal and leads to the “ Moazan “ part, which is on the Qibla. The basement and about 50 cm from the bottom of the building was built with stones. The special features of this building are the installation of a branch of the wild ram on the outer body of the manor, which is fitted with the animal’s skull as an ornament in Mena, and no decorations have been used in the outer appearance. if you want know about Iran travel agencies or Iran attractive places ask us