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Trip to Iran for visit best Iran attractive places

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“ sheikh Lotf allah ” mosque is one of the best Isfahan and Iran attractive places and have been one of the main destination for Iran travel agencies and whom ever want to Trip to Iran. This mosque is located in heart of Isfahan. The archaism of thismosque reaches to more than 400 years ago and belongs to “ Safavid “ era. This mosque is a masterpiece of architecture and tiling of the eleventh century AH which was created by Professor Mohammad Reza Isfahani, a renowned architect of that period. The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was built under the command of Shah Abbas I in the course of eighteen years, and is located on the east side of the Shah Jahan Square, opposite the Imam Hagapu Mansion and in the vicinity of the Shah Mosque. The tile decoration of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in the interior of the paths to the top is covered with all tiled mosaics. A number of mosaic tiles inside and outside the dome and inscriptions of its third had written by the “ Abbasi tabriz ”.The mosque is not similar to other mosques because it has nine minarets and no entrance to the yard (yard) and also enters it. The architectural style of this is Esfahani style. The front of the mosque khan begins with a retreat from the eastern square. After crossing the four steps reaches to the courtyard. The lower part of the walls is covered with yellow marble stones. The door of entrance has two side thatone of them is made of wood. If you have visited from our site, you know “Isfahan” as the one of the bset historical cities in Iran and middleeast, this city because of loactin number of Iran attractive places, is host of million tourists who are interested in Trip to Iran. you can also ask us information about Iran travel agencies. Tomorrow we will talk more about this attraction place