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Kashan historical city

4.5 out of 5

Kashan is a historical city centered in the city and is part of the province of Isfahan. The city is located in the center of Iran 220 km south of the capital and 200 km from the center of the province. many pf travelers who Trip to Iran would like to visit ” Kashan ” because of locating many of Iran attractive places so why its amazing historical houses and its beautiful amazing sights and various old and traditionaland native arts attributed to this town and this is the main reason to why Iran travel agencies put this city on their iteneries. traitionaly ” kashan “has been famous for producing silk, carpets , velvet and specially Rose water and delicious potteries. It has 7,000 years of urbanization and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The rosary and customs are a tradition of this city that attracts many visitors every in addition to those traditional products, their manner cause to increase whomever want to Trip to Iran wanna stay in this historical city. as it is on the main highwaydrom Tehran to Isfhan has got interesting sights to see,people usually stop herer for a few hours if not for a night to learn more about it. when it comes to certain handicrafts, ancient sights, monuments andtourist attractions” Kahan” has some highlights to offer: many of these Iran attractive places where located in this city consist of Ameri house Boroojerdi House jalali castle jameh mosque of Kashan Timcheh of ” Amin – Dole “ fin Garden Sialk historical mounds Aqa Bozorg mosque and Kashan Bazaar you can visit our proffesional historical packages on our website, we will talk more about these attraction places and also you can keep in touch with our experts for receive information about Iran travel agencies