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snowy tunnel one of the natural Iran attractive places

4.5 out of 5

The snowy Tunnel is one of the beautiful natural Iran attractive places where is located in west of Iran, in “Lorestan “ province, near of “ Azna “ city. The tunnel is naturally formed in the snow and ice of the Oshternokh range in the Kamenay district of “ Azna ”. This place annually attracts many of internal natural Lovers and who Trip to Iran and looking for place where has Historical and natural places in a area and this is one of the reasons choose this place as the one of destination of Iran travel agencies.The length of the tunnel is over 800 meters and its height is from the tunnel floor to the ceiling of 5.3 meters to 3 meters.This snow tunnel can only be visited in spring and summer. And to reach this tunnel, must go to the village of “ Kamangan “ by car and then walked about two hours in wonderful nature of “Lorestan” province.If you’re a mountain adventure and scarce oxygenm we suggest this place. The valley “Aznadra” is one of the most beautiful Osteranko valleys with plants, animals, springs and rivers flowing from the snow. The terrible rocks are very tall and quite perpendicular to our sides, so that there is no sunlight up to in.The beautiful view of the valley is accompanied by a cool breeze and dancing of carvings and flowers, the movements of the goats and ewes on the rocks roaming over the rocks of the river are one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Iran as well as we don’t understand about long of way.It goes into the tunnel, but it moves and there is a very cold wind and a chance of falling snow. The Trip is not finished here because we go to the top of the tunnel that most tourists are slipping, taking pictures or playing snow. We will talk more about Iran attractive places located in “Lorestan” province. If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna more about accuration of Iran travel agencies keep in touch with our experts