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Cloud Forest is one of the most intact forests in Iran, located 35 km north-east of Semnan. “ Abr jungle “( Cloud jungle ) is one natural Iran attractive places where is located in “ Semnan “ province. “ Shahrood “ Cloud Forest is part of the oldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests. With rare herbs and animals, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city of “ Shahrood “ city. This forest, with 35,000 hectares, extends beyond the lush forests of the northern part of the country, due to the fact that in most cases the atmosphere of this forest is called an ocean of clouds, it is known for its name. The high altitude of the forest from the sea, the low temperature in the heat season and the presence of abundant springs and forest cover [Jungle Cloud hosts the festival of nature and sounds] are among the characteristics of this forest. In the southern part of the forest, which is closer to civilization, there is a plant cover of the thorn. In the depths of the forest, there are steep hills, all of which are covered with tall trees One of the interesting point about this jungle is one of the its trees, in the name of “ Oros”, A tree with long roots that drops on the ground.Every year many of tourists had Trip to Iran perfer come here for take photo from these rare trees. This jungle is one of the main natural destination of most Iran travel agencies. This amazing jungle annually attracts many of tourists Trip to Iran to it self. For receive information about Iran travel agencies, visit blog section on our website and also for acuration about Iran travel agencies, keep in touch