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Masoodieh Garden

4.5 out of 5

As well as we saidmany of Iran attractive places consist of gardens and palaces loacted in Tehran and nember of tourists had Trip to Iran and tehran, Know tehran as the city of palaces. Masoudieh mansion is one of the Iran attractive places related to the Qajar period, located in Baharestan Square in Tehran. This place has built in order of “ zel dole “ king of Isfahan and son of “ king Naser “.It is built on an area of ​​4000 square meters and consists of outer walls (inner walls) and inner walls and other fittings. The architect of this building is the architect of Sha’ban, and the moderator “ Mirza Reza Gholikhani “ is the son of “ Siraj al-Mulk ”. The complex has an area of ​​15600 square meters and is in the form of a trapezoidal form in the north-east-southwest direction.If you wantto Trip to Iran and want to stay In Tehran, we suggest this place, you can also visit from the Parlemant building near this palace. This palce is lost between destination of Iran travel agencies but this place has unique walls and decoration that is less knwown. The eastern side is 188.5 meters, the western side is 138.5 meters and the southern side is 86 meters. Main buildings are:The Mansion of the Court House, the Mansion of the Table House (the name of the sign is according to the symbols in the palace of Golestan and next to the Hall of Salam Palace of the Museum and Mirror Hall)Seyyed Javadi’s courtyard, Seyyed Javadi’s mansion, Mashiri courtyard, Mashir al-Dawlah mansion, backyard, backyard mansion on the sidewalk, headquarters building in the carriage and Divan khaneh building For receive information about Iran travel agencies, keep in touch with us.