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“ Espakho” Fire temple is one of the Iran attractive places

4.5 out of 5

“ Espakho” Fire temple is one of the Iran attractive places where is unknown between most of Iran travel agencies but if you want to Trip to Iran and wanna visit east of country, should visit this place. Be stay with “ Gapa tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies in Iran. The ” Spakha” Fire Temple is one of the oldest ancient archaeological structures in “ North Khorasan “ province. Based on the explorations and expert reviews of the fire temple, it relates to the “ Sassanian “ era Next to it is a village known as the “Spakho”. Spakha Stone Temple, sometimes called the church and sometimes a fire temple and located in 115 K.M from “Golestan” jungle (one of the natural Iran attractive places ) and 65 K.M to “ Ashkhane “ city. Archaeologists are considering the special architecture of this fire temple, which has a dome roof and is used to make larches and sardines, which are of special interest in the Sassanid architecture.The word spacho is derived from the word “HSP” or “SPAR”, which is Pahlavi’s word where is horse breed. The Spaghetti fire temple is still standing in the northern Khorasan over a lofty cliff of pine and cedar and reads both domestic and foreign tourists.The architectural features of this building, including the use of unpolluted rocks, small wooden beams of the Aras tree, the saurus and the arches of vaults and the arches used in this building, indicate that its construction was early in the Sassanid and early Islamic periods Until the evening of ” Al Boyah “. if you interested in Trip to Iran and want to more information about Iran travel agencies, visit blog section on httpss://