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Darvazeh Qoran “ The gate of the Quran “ is one of the gates of the ancient period in Shiraz, which today is considered one of the historical monuments of Shiraz and also one of the Iran attractive places and is one ofthe most popular destination of Iran travel agencies. In the past Shiraz had six entrance gate that one of them remind but still nowadays local people point to these gates such as “ Shiraz gate “ “ saadi gate “ “ Isfahan gate “ “ Kazeroon gate “ and “ Shah daee dole gate “.This gate was made by the command of Azd al-Dawlah Dailami.The appelation of “ quran gate“ It is for the Qur’anic, which was ordered by the Amir to allow passengers to safely pass through it.This vault went down over time, until it was built at the time of Karim Khan Zand. The Qur’an is currently being held at the Pars Shiraz Museum ( Pars museum is one of The historical Iran attractive places, if you want to Trip to Iran, we suggest for visit because number of valuable historical objects has saved in this museum, for more information about this place visit our pervious posts ). The Quran’s gate during the Qajar period caused a lot of damage due to several earthquakes that Mohammad “ Zaki Khan Nouri “ repaired. The new gate was made larger in size, including a gated arch opening and two small entrances on two sides and a rectangular room over which the Koran was placed. “ shiraz” with tens attractive places, every year is host of million tourists Trip to Iran.For receive information about Iran travel agencies keep in touch with our expert Please follow us on social media