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visit Kish,one of the best Iran attractive places

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Our today post is about one of the most popular places where consider as the one of the best Iran attractive places. If you interested in Trip to Iran or wnna more know about Iran attractive places, Be stay with “ Gapa tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies “ Kish “ is name of one of the Iran island where is located in south if Iran,in “ Persian gulf “.In the past, the island was called “qis”. The shape of the island is elliptical and is located 12 km from the shiboku coast. The island attracts one million tourists annually. From the vegetation cover of Kish Island can be mentioned, palm orchards, indigenous orchards, and non-indigenous trees such as Pakistani shrines (Samar), Eucalyptus, Acacia, Conocarpus, and Silk. The local men’s clothing is “ Dashdashe “ with sweatshirts and the most important festivals of the people of Kish, Eyd al-Adha and Eyd al-Ghadir. The original local instrument is a type of drum (it is similar to hang drum).number of tourists who Trip to Iran, point to “ Kish “as the one of the most beautiful Islands In the world. Traditional native occupation is fishing, fishing, snorkeling and commerce. Kish has delicious Foods, Kish’s local foods include “Alkhash”, “Mashrobeh”, “Harris” and “Munchus”, which are often made with fish. From the historical attractions of Kish, it can to point out “ Harire “, “ pareb “ and “ Kariz “.In addition to the historical monuments that are of interest to tourists, beach and recreational parks such as the theme of the Uchineh Park, the Art Park, the Coral Coast, the Coral Shores, the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Kish Birds Garden, the Caribbean Underground Dolphinarium, the Hurricane Hut, the Ships Recreation as well as the Greek Greeks are among the other spectacular views of KishWe will describe more about this known destination of Iran travel agencies