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Trip to Iran for visit best Iran attractive places

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As well as we all we know Iran as the one of the most ancient countries has many attractive places. We can divide Iran attractive places in two part: Natural Iran attractive places and historical Iran attractive places. Yakhchale Kheshti “ Glacier glue “ is one of the these places where islocated in “ Meybod “ city, in “ Yazd “province ( most popular destination for Iran travel agencies ). Ice in the past was a precious commodity that all the people of socieFty did not have the power to buy it, and the affluent social groups were the most used ice. The refrigerator building has three main parts: the shadow wall, the ice rink and the ice reservoir The shadow wall A wall of long length and high altitude that was made to prevent the sun from being exposed to the pond, due to its location and method of construction, its shadow fell on the pond all day long. the ice rink A rectangular pit of a shape that was dug a little short of the wall of the shadow and at a low depth (about half a meter) parallel to the wall of the shadow and in the northern part of it. The pit was used to drain ice to produce ice. The ice reservoir A circular or rectangular pit (according to the type of fridge) that was drilled in the southern part and behind the shadow wall and connected to one or more entrances to the northern part or the pond. These pits were used to store ice produced in ponds The dome refrigator of maybod is an example of a traditional and consistent with Iranian biomass structures, which in its kind is the best and largest example of this.If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna get information about Iran travel agencies, Keep in touch with our experts.