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The 1800th anniversary of Natanz was restored

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Hossein Yazdanmehr, head of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Natanz, announced the completion of the reconstruction of 2 arches of 4 arches of the 1800-year-old Natanz fire temple.Sassanid fire temple is related to the Sassanid period. It is located at Natanz, Malek Ashtar Street, in the mosque complex of Qasbah, in Isfahan provinc. The four-legged area is about 122 meters long and is one of the historical Iran attractive places ,unfortunetly is unknownplace for most of Iran travel agencies. The Natanz firecracker or parchment was made of materials such as river rubble and gypsum and soil mortar. Only the 4th columns and the southern arches and a little bit from the edge of the dome of this ancient fire still stand, and three other vaults and the ceiling of the fire temple have fallen due to lack of investigation. With the allocation of national credits, reconstruction of monuments began, one of these Sassanid Temples is Natanz. The 1800-year-old Natanz fire course had 4 arches, 3 of which had been destroyed over time, and now with the completion of these rebuilding, 2 arches have been reconstructed from these 4 arches.Considering the serious damage caused to this unique work over many years and the probability of further fragmentation of the building, it is decided in May of this year by contracting and allocating 900 million rials from the national credits This building was restored. Performing the repair of the worn-out walls with homogeneous mortar and rebuilding the collapsed arc takes a lot of workDue to the extraordinary sensitivity and toughness of the operation, with the benefit of the experiences of architects and expert executives, and with the creation of a team of engineers and architects with a well-known 150-hour user, on its design with a progress of 60%, the final stages of the first phase will be observed.Forget information about best Iran attractive places visit blog section and for know about accuration about