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Takhte foolad “ ( metal bed )

4.5 out of 5

“ Takhte foolad “ ( metal bed ) is name of one of the Iran attractive places that is one of the “ Isfahan “ destination of Iran travel agencies. If you want to Trip to Iran or want to know more about Iran attractive places, be stay with “ Gapa tour “ . “ Takhte foolad ” is the old name of the cemetery of Isfahan, which is called “ Lassanalarz “ and “ Baba Roknaddin “.the archaism of this place Reaches to more than 1000 years ago. The time of bulit cemetery is not clear, but the existence of some of its works dates back to pre-Islamic times.According to “ Shardon’s “ narrative in the” Deylamian “ period, One of the military commanders, “Polad Arm”, has a small palace in this place The platform was built to sit down and watch rival wrestlers The grave is also the grave of the fifth century mystic named “Baba foolad halvae ” exist in this graveyard. Before and after the Safavids, this place was a place for the gathering of the Dervishes and built a monastery known as the Tomb of Baba Renkaddin. In the time of Safavid, beside this cemetery, a caravanserai was constructed, which was the last home of the caravans that entered the Isfahan from the south (still affects remains). During the Safavid period, the cemetery was considered a special cemetery and only the country’s elders were buried there. This work has been recorded one by one in one and the same time on the list of national works of Iran. Amongst each piece of tombstone board is one or more famous celebrities, and that piece is called as the one called in the name of that person.We probably will talk more about this place in the close future For receive information about Iran travel agencies