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Afif abad “ garden or “ Golashan”

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“ Afif abad “ garden or “ Golashan” Garden is one of the Iran attractive places where is known places between Iran travel agencies and who ever interested in Trip to Iran. Afif Abad Garden or Golshan is one of the historical monuments of Shiraz( Shiraz is one of the main historical cities where is located about center of Iran. this city because of nice manner of people andalso locating many of Iran attratice places is popular destination between Iranian people an Iran travel agencies )Be stay with “ Gapa tour “: The garden is located on the Afif Abad Street in Shiraz now and is one of the largest Middle Eastern weapons museums. “ Afif Abad “ Garden is a perfect example of Iranian artistic art. Garden mansion builder “ Mirza Ali Mohammad Khan Ghavamolmolk II “.This garden is located in one of the richest regions and was built in 1863.This collection includes a royal palace, a museum of old weapons and an Iranian garden, all of which are available for public visitation.This collection is numbered 913 and in 1351 in the National Iranian Book List. Afif Abad Garden with an area of ​​127,000 square meters is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Shiraz. This garden during the Safavid period was one of the most important gardens and kings’ gardens.In this period, this garden was used by the Safavid kings. In the Qajar period, Mirza Ali Khan Qawam al-Mulk bought the garden and began to renovate the Kurdish gardens and trees and built a beautiful and decorated mansion.Qawam bought a pastry near the garden to irrigate it. At the end of the Qajar era, the garden comes to the hands of Afifa Khanum, the sister-in-law of Bani Ghar. In this garden, he has created a great transformation and improvement, and after this the garden is known as Afif Abad. We will talk more in future post