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Afif abad

4.5 out of 5

We talked about one of the most beautiful Iran attractive places where makes you feel better. If you want to Trip to Iran and know information about Iran attractive places, be stay with us: “ Afif abad “ garden is one of the oldest Shiraz gardens, so it has kept its simplicity. The garden has four simple plaster pillars, and their heads are designed with a pattern from Persepolis beds. In the forehead of the portrait, two lions are seen, as if they were taken in between their claws.On the other side, on the forehead of the corridor’s corridor, there is one of the Sassanid kings ( this place consider as the one of the Iran attractive places where can take interesting photos ). The building has two floors, with nearly 30 rooms in the hall. In the north and south of the hall, two heats of marble are carved. The downstairs is a military museum, with a beautiful waterfront, and its eastern edge with colorful windows. This floor rises to the second floor with three steps. In the center of this floor there is a grand and magnificent hall. The ceiling is a wooden house and is decorated with roses of flowers, shrubs, huts, and joy. the walls are plastered, and doors and windows are made of glass. In this category there is the Museum of Knowledge, which includes conference rooms, dressing room, living room, study, catering and casino. On the forehead of the coronation building, one of the Sasanian kings is tiled. The architecture of this garden is a mixture of architectural features of the Achaemenid, Sasanian and Qajar dynasties.The facade of the building has a large and elegant window framed throughout.The western view is very simple. The southern porch also looks like the northern portico If you want to Trip to Iran and interested to get accuration about Iran travel agencies, keep in touch with our expert. We will talk about militarity museum in future post