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Militrity museum

4.5 out of 5

Militrity museum is one of the Iran attractive places where is located lovely “ Shiraz “. Thismuseum is located in “Afifabad “ garden . if you Trip to Iran and you are fan of historical Iran attractive places “ Shiraz “ because of locating of many Iran attractive places is one of the our suggest for you. The Museum of the Afif Abad Garden is located in the basement of this mansion and contains hot and cold weather from the Safavid era to the present day, which is why it is a military museum. Visiting the military museum of the Islamic Republic of Iran introduces visitors to the history and history of the evolution of warm guns and weapons. In this museum are kept collection of cold and hot weapons, automatic and semi-automatic weapons, a variety of sword, armor, spear, hat, bumper, various types of rifles, flint, rifles, pistols and machine guns. Of the precious weapons in this museum, one can mention the personal rifles of Fath Ali Shah, Nasir al-Din Shah, Mozaffaroddin Shah, Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah, as well as the weapons of the forest fighters and the head of Ali Delvari. Traditional cafe and bathrobes Traditional cafe and bathrobes is one of the shiraz and Iran attractive places where is located in “Afif abad “garden. The cafe building was built in the style of Iranian architecture. The walls of the cafe are made of bricks in the middle of a small cafe. This cafe has six cellars adorned with the designs of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, and has been tiled with some elegance and beauty tile. Among these paintings are “The story of Zahak and Kaveh Blacksmith,” “The Story of Zal and Simorgh,” “The Battle of Rustam and Sohrab,” “The Battle of Tahmutan and the White Dove,” and “Battle of Rustam and Esfandiar.”If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna get more information about Iran travel agencies and best Iran places visit blog section our web site