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Iran is the safest and most hospitable Middle East country

4.5 out of 5

Iran is the safest and most hospitable Middle East country .An Italian publication featuring information about Iran’s culture has made our country the safest and most welcoming country in the Middle East.In recent years, a lot of media have introduced the Iranian historical and natural attractions to the world and encouraged them to travel to our country. Now the Yatila publishing house Latitudeselayev has published a picture of Iran, in which Iran has the attraction Many people know that they can take every tourist to be fascinated by this landIn this magazine, we refer to the tradition of Hafez Hafez, and that the past and modern traditions of Iran are moving forward in hand.In this publication, he visited the Golestan Palace and the Jewish Museum as a work to be done on a trip to Tehran. This publication also describes attractions and cities like Shiraz, Isfahan, Persepolis and describes the Trip to Iran as an unforgettable one.Humans have inhabited the area that makes up modern Iran since the Stone Age.The ancient Persians arrived about 1500 BC, one branch of the great movement of people that also brought northern India and most of Europe their modern populations. The name Iran is from the same root as “Aryan” which, until Hitler perverted it, was just an ancient name for those arriving peoples. Persian (natively known as Farsi) is an Indo-European language; ancient Persian was related to Sanskrit, ancient Greek, and all the others in that family. Persians are the major ethnic group of Iran and make up 60% of the Iranian population. They are ethnically and linguistically unrelated to Arabs.“ Gapa tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies, invite you to Trip to Iran and visit Best Iran attractive places with best perfect tours and services.