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The boom in the tourism industry in Iran and the opportunity to invest

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CNN Business Web: The boom in the tourism industry in Iran and the opportunity to invest The CNN news website reported : Iran, once refused to enter international sanctions, has once again returned to this area as a major tourist destination. According to official statistics, more than 6 million people visited Iran in the year to March 2017, which increased by 50% compared to last year and tripled compared to 2009.An increase in the number of visitors to this country following the 2015 agreement between Tehran and the world powers that has abolished many of the sanctions. European airlines such as British Airways and Lufthansa fly direct to the country and Iranian authorities facilitated visa requirements.With the increase in the number of passengers, the need for accommodation has increased dramatically.This has created opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. International hotel groups are quickly working to provide more rooms. The French ACCOR Hotel Group (ACCOR) was the first hotel group to start operating in 2015 in Iran, and now it manages two hotels in the country. These factores generally cause to increase Trip to Iran and more introduce of Iran travel agencies and also Iran attractive places. The hotel chain in Spain, Melia, will also reopen its first hotel next year. Emirates hotel management company Totana will prepare one of its hotels for activities in Iran by early next year and plans to manage three other hotels by 2020. The company’s low priced hotel, Eisen Hotel, has also signed a contract for July to contract for 500 rooms in Iran this July.If you want to Trip to Iran and wanna know more about Iran attractive places Or about accuaration about Iran travel agencies, keep in touch with us.Please follow and introduce us to your friends on social medias