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There are nine Persian gardens registered in the Iran UNESCO world heritage sites but Fin Garden shines amongst all of them. Fin garden is believed to be built in the first years of Safavid age and like nearly all of the Safavid historical sights, Fin Garden is located in Isfahan province.

 When you travel to Kashan to visit Fin garden don’t forget to Kashan’s delicious edible souvenirs such as cotton candy, Haji badoomi, and Traditional cookies. Anyway, although Fin garden was built in the 16th century, but its golden age and developing time was in the Qajar era (Fath Ali Shah ruling time, 19th century).

Fin garden has a very unique and elegant architecture and has influenced many gardens overseas like Spain and India. Let’s get to know this Iran UNESCO world heritage site a little bit deeper.

What makes this garden very special is its region's climate. Kashan is a very dry city, mostly dusty, and suddenly in the middle of a dry land, you can witness a heavenly beautiful garden filled with evergreen trees (some older than 500 years), colorful flowers, crystal clear water channeled from a natural spring, and the most amazing fountains at the main road.

 Being nearly 500 years old, this garden witnessed many important historical events, but the most important one of them was the tragic death of Amirkabir, the chief minister of Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar and his sister’s husband, who tried to make this country a better place for living and built the first school of Iran, was ruthlessly murdered by the order of the king himself in 1852. The street crossing Fin Garden is named Amirkabir after this Great man.

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Fin Garden’s water system

As mentioned above, Fin Garden is located in an arid climate area, but when you walk inside you will completely forget that since water is a basic element in Fin Garden's architecture. You can visit all different shapes of it such as outburst (fountains), stagnant (in the pool in front of the summerhouse and Safavid pool house) spirit (inside the barleys), Shotor Galoo (meaning “Camel’s throat” in English), and boiling (The water rising from holes at the bottom of the ponds of Fin Garden inside the boiling pond). Any of these shapes awakens a feeling inside us and it is truly spiritual and beautiful. Water divides to little springs and channels and flows throughout the whole garden also making perfect cool air besides bringing beauty to the garden and life to the trees. What is better than sitting under the shadow of the trees beside the water and enjoy the delicious souvenirs of Kashan.

 Sulaimaniyah spring is the source of the Flowing water in barley, pools, and ponds of the garden. Sulaimaniyah spring’s water first collects in the pool behind the garden. The pool is higher compared to the surface of the barley and this difference causes the creation of a fountain that throws the water over in the gravity way.

Till here we read about the natural beauties of the Fin Garden and now let’s get to know the man-made elements used in this Persian Garden.

These elements are the combination of Safavid and Qajar architecture. For example the Safavid pavilion at the center of the garden, a small bathroom, and EMARAT-E SARDAR (the entrance building) belong to the Safavid period, but the national museum, Khalvate Karim Khani (similar to the Karimi Khani Nokk in the Golestan Palace, Tehran), Royal bathroom, and Shah Neshin belong to the Qajar era.

1-The Safavid pavilion

The pavilion is a small palace, which stands at the center of the Persian Garden. This mansion was used for royal ceremonies. The Safavid pavilion is open to the four sides of the Fin Garden. With a pool in the middle of the palace, you can witness a marvelous view. 

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In the eastern part of the Fin Garden, you can see two bathrooms, one of them was small and made by the Safavid people and the other Royal and big, made by the Qajar kings. The small one was for common people but to enter the big one you should have been someone important. The assassination of Amirkabir took place at the bigger bathroom.


3-Emarat-e Sardar

It is a two-story mansion that has a great view of the whole garden.


4- Boiling pool

This pool contains 160 small water pumps. The water comes out of the eighty of them and falls to the other 80, giving the garden a fascinating view.

5- Shah Neshin

Shah-Neshin was a hall with two rooms and five doors. As mentioned above this hall dates back to the Qajar era and was used to host the guests.


Fin Garden’s nearest visiting sites

Fin Garden is a human-made heaven and enough reason to bring many tourists from around the world to Kashan, but if you feel like visiting more sights, Kashan won’t disappoint you. In Kashan you can go to Tabatabaei house, Borujerdi House, Aqa Bozorg mosque, Sialk hill, Noushabad underground city, and Abbasi house.


Fin Garden’s opening hours and ticket price

Fin Garden is open to everyone, every day from 8:30 AM till 7:00 PM. The price for entering Fin Garden is 200,000 Rials for foreigners, but if you want to visit the National Museum you must pay another 80,000 Rials.

Make sure to contact your travel guide or tour company if you want to visit Fin Garden on holidays, since it may be closed during these days.


And in the end, I suggest you to visit the tea house at the end of the garden, close to the spring source. In this area, you can rest a little and enjoy the view of the little fishes in the pool.

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