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Iran tours have many unique sites to visit, such as many historical castles. Alamut meaning eagles nest. The castle located in Alamut region in the south Caspian province. The castle in 1090 AD, was seized as a mountain fortress. The Seljuq vizier NIZAM-O-LMOLK had already given orders for Hasan’s arrest and He was living in hiding in the northern town of Qazvein, approximately 60 km from the Alamut castle. He made plans for the capture of the fortress, which was surrounded by a fertile valley whose inhabitants were mainly fellow Shi’i Muslims, the support of whom Hasan could easily gather for the revolt against the Seljuqs. The castle had never before been captured by military means and thus Hasan planned meticulously. Meanwhile, he dispatched his reliable supporters to the Alamut valley to begin settlements around the castle.