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We make your trip to Iran different, with our amazing Iran tours. Eram garden is located in Shiraz city, where we call it a love city. The garden was constructed in the Seljuk era and built during the middle of the thirteenth century. It has incredible beautiful tile-work Decoration and painting, the reason for most passengers travel to Iran are interesting to visit this site.

Introducing Eram Garden of Shiraz

Shiraz Eram Garden is one of the attractions of Shiraz and even one of the attractions of Iran. A garden located between the northern mountains of Shiraz and the dry river of Shiraz and the exact date of its construction is unclear.

The Eram Garden of Shiraz can be described as a blend of natural beauty, stunning architecture and mysterious history.

Investigations indicate that texts such as the tenth and eleventh century AH travelogues mention the Eram Garden of Shiraz. During the Seljuk era, the Eram Garden of Shiraz was established and there are signs for it. But all of this speaks of the centuries-old Eram Garden and puts us in front of a semi-ancient monument.

As you may have guessed, the Eram Garden of Shiraz has undergone changes during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah and buildings have been added to it.

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Architecture of Eram Garden of Shiraz

Shiraz Eram Garden is a rectangular land of more than 11 hectares located northwest of Shiraz. The entrance to the Eram Garden of Shiraz lies along this rectangle facing north. Its width is along Azib Boulevard, which lies to the west of Eram Garden of Shiraz.

One of the natural features of the land of Shiraz Eram Garden is its steep slope, which allows the architects and designers of the garden to build stairs throughout it.

This staircase structure of Shiraz Eram garden has made it special and differentiated it from other Shiraz gardens.

The main building of the Eram Garden of Shiraz, which is referred to as Androni, is located on the west side of the Eram Shiraz Garden, opposite the water pond which reflects the beautiful image of the building. A pond with an area of more than 300 square meters, which is composed of large, smooth stone blocks.

Shiraz Main Garden Mansion was built by Haji Mohammad Hassan Shirazi Architect and is influenced by Zandiyeh and Safavid period. Be beautiful with high color variation. Also other industries of the past Iranian art such as plastering, painting, sculpture, etc. have been used in the design and design of the Eram Garden of Shiraz that will attract your attention.

On the forehead of the main building of the Eram Garden of Shiraz are crisscrossed craters, the largest of which in the middle, showing the role of Nasser al-Din Shah sitting on a white horse and wearing a crown. On the other crescent, the role of Iranian myths and stories such as Rostam, Sohrab, Khosrow Shirin, Yusuf and Zalikha, etc., is played.


The main mansion of the Eram Garden of Shiraz consists of three floors, including a dock and two more.

There is a waterfront in the basin of the house dock, which is a crossing of the blue creek that pours in front of the building. On the other two floors of the mansion there are paintings, windows, paintings, porches, pictures, and all kinds of industries used at that time, which will be more favorable to you than seeing them tell us.

The Eram Garden of Shiraz also includes other buildings built during the time of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar.

In addition, there is a museum in the main building of the Eram Garden of Shiraz, known as the Museum of Stone and the Sea of Light. Launched at the beginning of the nineties, the museum contains a collection of precious and rare stones that will awaken you to a feeling of the radiant beauty of the stones.


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Nature of Eram Garden of Shiraz

In addition to its stunning architecture, the Shiraz Eram Garden has a much more enchanting nature. There are many types of plants in the Shiraz Eram Garden that if you are only interested in flowers and plants and all kinds of trees, visiting the Shiraz Eram Garden is a must. Among the trees in this Shirazi garden can be maple, black willow, pine, seronase, sparrow, bush, spider, eucalyptus, willow and more.


It is interesting to note that the tallest tree in the whole of Shiraz is in the Eram garden, which is 35 meters high.

There are many flowers in this garden beside the trees of the Eram Shiraz garden. For example, the rose garden in the garden contains over 200 varieties of roses.

The reason for this extraordinary vegetation in the Eram Orchard in Shiraz is the presence of streams and atmospheres in the trees and shrubs. The stream flows through the basin of the main mansion and reaches the basin of the main mansion, then releases the water into the entire garden's water network and irrigates the plants.

The stream that causes these watercourses in the garden originates from the aqueduct of the Shiraz River. Of course, two other deep wells are also located in the Eram Orchard of Shiraz, which contribute to this beautiful water flow in the garden.


World Register of Shiraz Eram Garden

It is interesting to note that the Eram Shiraz Garden, as the ninth Iranian garden, was registered by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in July of the beginning of the nineties. The committee's criterion for registering a work is globalization, its prominence in terms of culture, creativity, architecture and so on.

It's also interesting to know that a Japanese artist has drawn a painting from the Eram Garden of Shiraz, which you can see below:


How to get to Eram Garden of Shiraz?

There are two ways to get to Eram Garden of Shiraz with public transportation:

Subway: Get off at Namaz Station then cross the Eram Square to Eram Garden.

Bus: Get off at Eram Square station and take a short walk to Eram Garden in Shiraz.

Address of Eram Garden of Shiraz

Shiraz Garden, Shiraz, Eram St, Shiraz, Fars Province Shiraz , Iran

Shiraz Eram Garden Working Hours

Every day from 8 am to 6:15 pm the ticket price of the Eram Shiraz Garden for Iranians is also 3,000 Tomans.